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Does your child (or yourself) feel overwhelmed by crowds, noise, light, smell and/ or touch? Do these feelings stop you from attending public events such as concerts?

Grace Kim understands. As a mother of two young children, one of whom has Asperger's syndrome, she also knows firsthand the crucial role music plays in brain development and strives to make it accessible to everyone who needs it. That is why she has designed Sensory Concerts especially for people with sensory/special needs, including children.

An internationally respected concert pianist and music educator, Grace and her colleagues perform classical music to small audiences in a relaxed atmosphere where various seating options, retreat spaces and on-site occupational therapist/psychologist support make it easy for you to self-regulate.

"We really don’t mind if people need to move around, lie on a crash mat or take time out from everyone else for a while,’’ she says. "I program the music especially with this in mind so that everyone can engage and benefit without feeling overwhelmed or restricted.’’

For more information about Sensory Concerts visit our webpage here.  If you or your organisation with to book a concert, pleaseThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.


Feedback from patrons:

"Watching my grand daughter interact with the musicians was fantastic" 

"(favourite piece) Fritz Kreisler, loved the performance fill with character, so much my daughter thought it described our chickens running around our garden"

“What an amazing morning at Melbourne's first sensory concert ♡ The music was beautiful, the staff amazingly supportive, the venue perfect and the understanding priceless. So thankful for the opportunity.” Special Education Mum Facebook Page

“Thank you for today’s lovely concert. Great repertoire, excellent musicians and a very relaxed ambiance. Please organise some more concerts in Melbourne. “Jeffrey Segal

“Just had an amazing morning here with my autistic daughter! The musicians were top notch, the space was beautiful and light, and absolutely every part of it was designed to be accessible for autistic kids. 

My daughter, J, watched the first part of the concert on a crash mat with a fluffy blanket and a velvet cushion (sensory heaven for her). There was an OT there who bought J playdough when She wanted to focus but was having trouble. 

J watched the second part of the concert from outside the big window running and laughing in time with the music.  I couldn't be happier!” Shannon Muriel

"Brilliant concept" Jo Treweek

"Thank you so much for your concert today. It was amazing!!!" Jess Dixon

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