Noah's Story


Noah's Story is endearing and insightful and can help explain autism to young children, both NT and ASD.” Professor Tony Attwood




How does a child with Asperger’s syndrome experience everyday life? How does it feel to be child who is different?

New children’s book Noah’s Story answers those questions and more, and gives children with the condition a tool with which to explain their condition, their symptoms and how they feel.

Australian author Grace Kim wrote the book to help her son Noah, his friends and teachers understand his Asperger’s diagnosis in 2016 after a long period of challenging experiences at school.

Noah illustrated the book.

Written in Noah’s “voice’’, it uses examples of behaviours a person whose brain works differently and offers practical suggestions for how others can respond.

Endorsing the book, author Teena Raffa-Mulligan said Noah’s Story “presents the message  ‘Sometimes I will make mistakes but I am learning just like you’ with beautiful simplicity’’.

Available globally online and Karen Mc Dermott Publishing (Australia)


Feedback and Reviews:

Jane Wearn, Psychologist 

 “Noah’s Story” is a book written by Grace Kim, from the view of her son Noah, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. The book is beautifully illustrated by Noah when he was 7 years old and tells the story of how a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder experiences everyday life along with practical ideas and solutions to help them be accepted and belong.

Having the book written in a simple and easy to read style, helps raise awareness and the understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder in not only children.

It is a wonderful resource and teaching tool for all families, schools and allied health profession dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The book can be used as a discussion tool to help children understand we all experience the world differently and with understanding we can promote better acceptance and inclusion for all.


"Noah’s story is a great book it can help other kids understand how an Asperger’s brain works. Like Noah, I used to find parties confusing too!"  Josh, Aged 7


“Often when I have told people my eldest is on the autistic spectrum, people and even close friends/relatives look at me in disbelief and often start to say something like ‘but he seems fine to me'. My response is something along the lines of ‘yes, he is fine but he does have a number of struggles that makes his life harder than most and forces us to approach certain things in ways that we weren't expecting.'

I often wish there was simple material that would explain some of his struggles. It is a beautiful book and great for understanding more about life from Noah’s point of view!  Samantha, from Serene Anarchy


A little boy named Carlos read Noah's Story: "After reading the book he said to his mum '.... so there are lots of Carlos’ and Noah’s in this world?' He realised he wasn’t alone. His teacher read it to the class and Carlos has already commented that his friends seem to understand him better. Thank you for putting into words what so many of our kids couldn’t." 


Featured in the Autism Parenting Magazine US